Knife Details

Random vs Fixed Skin
A knife featuring a randomized skin will have a unique pattern on each side of the blade. This results in each knife being completely unique. For example, each side of the blade of all Case Hardened knives is randomly generated and blue gems are considered more rare. The Hyper Beast knives are also randomly generated with getting an eye considered as more rare.

A knife featuring a fixed skin will consistently match the same skin pattern as shown in the product photo.

Molded vs. Plated Skin
A molded skin is created with our advanced heat mold injection method of coating the blade with a premium skin finish. Common 3rd party molded skins will have poor durability, low color vibrancy, are easily scratch-able and may not cover the entire blade. Our advanced method ensures our finishes have strong durability, vivid colors, resistance to scratches and coat the entire blade.

Plated skins have the skin applied to the knife by treating the metal. We use different techniques such as titanium coating, anodizing and laser engraving. Afterwards we apply our EK Premium Gloss Protection finish to preserve the skin and protect it from scratching easily. The result is a knife that will shine and reflect in the light.

Hardness Rating
The knife hardness rating is based off of the Rockwell Hardness Scale sometimes referred to as HR, HRC, or RC. The primary factor determining the hardness of a knife comes from the blade material. Common knife hardness ratings range anywhere from 45-55 HR.

EK Finish Durability Rating
The EK Finish Durability Rating is our own in-house scale. The scale has the following rating guidelines:

 1-29 Finish depreciates on its own with little or no contact
30-59 Finish wears down with minor contact
59-79 Finish holds with minor contact, but wears down with use
80-89 Finish holds with use but will wear down over time with regular use
90-99 Finish holds with regular use and only wears down with heavy use
100 Finish holds with regular use and does not wear down at all

EK Display Box vs. Standard Box
The EK Display Box has an EVA foam fitted insert that protects the knife from any potential damage while in transit. This insert also allows the box to be used as a display for the knife. A sheath and cleaning cloth are included with all knives packaged in an EK Display Box. Each of these items are found underneath where the knife is packaged.

Knives packaged in the EK Standard Box will be presented with the sheath covering the knife for protection. The knife is fit snug against cardboard to avoid damage while in transit. The EK Standard Box does not include a cleaning cloth.