Sapphire Bowie Knife
Sapphire Bowie Knife
Sapphire Bowie Knife

Sapphire Bowie Knife

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A Stunning Sapphire Straight From Our Secret Stash

Gotta come clean on this one.

We didn't originally want to put these up for sale, these beautiful Sapphire Bowies are just too stunning.

The original plan was was to keep these beauties for friends, family, and bribe collateral, but somehow the secret got out and theres just to much heat from our collectors community to keep these to ourselves.

Our stock on these gems is limited so count yourself lucky if you can snag one.


Sapphire Doppler Bowie CSGO Skin Comparison

Sapphire Doppler Bowie CSGO Skin Comparison

In this side by side of the real life Sapphire Bowie Knife and the original CSGO Knife, you can see that this iconic best seller is a faithful real life replica of the in game CSGO Knife. 

Sapphire Bowie Knife Specs

-Overall Length: 30 cm

-Blade Length: 18 cm

-Weight: 323 grams

-Blade Material: Steel

-Handle Material: Molded Poly-carbonate

-Edge: Sharp

-Comes With: Sheath, microfiber cleaning cloth

-Display stand not included

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